Silent Wrytes was founded

I began taking my Graffiti documentation seriously in 1999.  I came up with the name Silent Wrytes and decided a website was the perfect way to archive my photos. Even though the internet was still in its early days, Gnes37 was already paving the way with online. He was running brokenschool.com which was the perfect blend of Graffiti with high-level web design. This was a rarity at the time and a huge inspiration.



It took months to learn how to make a website, but Silentwrytes.com finally goes live. My archived Graffiti based on categories. Arizona, Philadelphia, and Freight Graffiti.  


Site Re-design

Gnes37 joined the SW team and created the SW2002 logo and design. We introduced the first version of the forum and really started to progress…



Juspix joins the S-Dub club.  We saw eye to eye since day one. and never looked back.


Growing pains.

We got hacked.  Over these few years the forum had really grown and the site was bigger than I ever anticipated.  The forum was bootleg and I never paid for it.  The disadvantage to that was it was vulnerable.  We got hacked in the middle of 2005 and that one slowed us down.





The forum clearly was not going to work.  2005 – 2006 I started SW TV with the creator of artofrhyme.com.  Even though he had his own website to run he would help me film and edit 16 short videos.  All of the music for the videos were supplied by artofrhyme.com.



The Forum & The Magazine

In 2007 we layed low.  We hit the lab again and developed the next forum.  In 2008 we would release the Philadelphia only forum that would carry us through 2013.  We would also release Silent Wrytes Magazine Issue 1 in March of 2008.  Peace to Savior and Liquid for being such a big part of the Forum and Magazine 1.  



Time for change

Between myself and Juspix we estimate to have posted roughly 30,000 photos into the forum.  We completed our series with 9 magazines dedicated to Philadelphia Graffiti and it was time for us to change it up.  Social media was really taking over, so we did the opposite and turned off instagram and the website.  We went back into the lab again to work on a long term project.  The Silent Wrytes Book.Silent Wrytes Magazines laid out


Johnny Quester

Johnny Quester joins myself and Juspix to form the current Silent Wrytes Team.  Our plan was to make a book but life would throw me some challenges and The Book was worked on between 2012 – 2014 but then was not worked on at all until 2018.  Luckily the team was cemented and eager to continue.



The Book

We are supposed to making a fucking Book and that is exactly what we start to do.  We combed through all the photos, created a game plan and started having regular meetings. To help you understand the obstacle, our Book file currently contains 56,000+ files.  The Silent Wrytes Book has no deadline and will eventually be released when it feels complete.  It is still a huge work in progress.



Silent Wrytes reboot

As we hit 10 years of being gone from the game it felt right to see if we could get all the old files working again.  The original site from 2002 and the 2005-2013 forum are now in 100% working order.  The instagram @silentwrytes and youtube @silentwrytes pages are back.  Our cameras are out and we push forward on the Silent Wrytes Book.  Thank you to everyone who showed support!  Peace!

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