Released October 2010, 406 copies – 42 pages – Sank and Laron Interview

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Released October 2010, 406 copies – 42 pages, 100% color – Silentwrytes Magazine Issue 6 is jam packed with over 375 pictures! In Issue 6 you will take a look inside WCS with interviews from Sank & Laron. 40 random people will receive a free copy of the Whip City Mixtape “U Got Us Chopped”, with their purchase of the magazine. As usual you will find a range of Philadelphia Graffiti from old to new….Pieces, Wickets, Gangster hands, Outta-towners, and a Top Secret page. The front cover “Silentwrytez” wicket was done by Sank WCS and the back cover was done by ESPO. Each Issue is printed, folded, stapled and individually numbered by the Silentwrytes Team. There were 406 copies printed.

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