October 16, 2oo2 -- (61 pics)

Freights --- Amen, Apart, Atak, Bigfoot, Bugs,
Celf, GN, Gues (3), Hab, Jat (12), Kemos, Koze, Kuhr,
Mbrem (2), Met (2), Mines, Muse, Other, Player, Rank,
Reke, Secret, Serc (2), Skrew, Speed, Tre (2), Venk,
Virus, Wake, Wallnuts, Wonz, Worms, Apart--Jase--Pecs,
Deny--Sase, Dever--Fyse, Eatfuk--Veks--Gros, Onorok--
Emer, Pez--21Rak, Reke--Hope--From, Serial--Meeka,
Typoe--Deny--Rank, Wonz--Yers (2), Yers--Sase

October 1, 2oo2 -- (48 pics)

Arizona Buses --- Agent, ALC, Alf, Alies (2), And,
Apel, Arson, Bore, Bug, Daer (4), Denie, Dink, Dome,
Fatso, Germs (4), Honor, Humr, Isor, Liev, Merk, MTK,
OFAK, OTB (2), PA (2), Rank, Venus, Werx, Yers, 3DK
Apel -- Daer, BLS (2), Bner -- Dzam, Bug -- Vile,
Daer -- Germs -- Alies, Okey -- Yers -- Bug,
Yers -- Bug, Yers -- Okae, 2F -- Eonz -- Dyle

September 17, 2oo2 -- (46 pics)

Philly Handstyles --- Agua (3), Anexa, Boza (2),
Coup (3), Gues (3), Ideo (2), Kemos, Mint (2), Nope, Pow,
Reo, Saga, Tre, Zem (2)
Akae--Nope, Alive--Speed--Cypher--Dmj, Alive--Sloe--
Nemel--AM51, Amen--Peka--Seza--Zem, Anex--Abar, Cm--End--
Aleas (3), Curve--Ideo--Gea, Curve--Step--XO--Real, Dasar--
Boza--Kadism, Deaner--Bambu--Jesc--Boza--Delta--Kadism,
Zem, ?, Pad--Speed, Peka--Curve, Seza--Peka, Speed--
Alive--Freak, Speed--Coup, Speed--Nope--Dasar--Phone,
Taim--Caem, Zem--Seza, Zem--Step

September 7th, 2oo2 -- (59 pics)

Colorado Pieces --- Army, Basek, Beast (4), Bus Squad,
Caper, Chase (3), Deks, East (2), Emit (3), Face, Ikon (4),
Jher (4), Jolt (4), Keno, Kiros, Koze, Mane (3), Mine, Nime (2),
Omni, Ovyes, Pharoe, Reks (3), Roy2, Skape, Theme, Trust,
Vault, Voice (2), Wase (4), Nime--Wase--Trust--Beast,
Skape--Jolt, Skape--Mane

June 13th, 2oo2

Arizona Pieces --- Cash Tue (2), Cuz, Daer,
Deone, Erie, File, Mbrem (2), Page, Sole, Tamer, Vise,
Venk (3), Vox, Apel--Alies, Apel--Fyce, Gnes--Soter (2),
Soer--Germs, Typoe--Serc, Venk--Fyce, Venk--Mac

June 4th, 2oo2

Philly Handstyles --- AM51, Agua (2), Dasar,
Demo (6), Gues, June, Kadism, Kard, Peka, Saga,
Sloe, Temp (2), Abar--Kard, Akae--Todoske, Caem--Nope,
Kadism--Boza (3), Kem--Miss17--Sez--Abar, Nope--Dasar,
Peka--Pame, Rebel--Kard

May 28 th, 2oo2

New Section
Handstyles (Buses) --- ADK, Alies (2), Anek, Bart,
Bos, Daer (2), Eons (2), Insane, Jar, Kase, Lower, Nome,
OTB, Porno Stars, Rank (2), Repo, Robs (2), Ruels72,
2FK, And--Daer, Veks--Omek, Yels--Feds--Indo--Free Soer

May 17 th, 2oo2

Freights --- Apart, Apel, Apes, Arms,
Awe, Baks, Char, Crie, Dubs, Each,
Entor, Ewok, Four Me, Merc, Pase,
Atak--Brew, Trench--Srek--Rank--Kept

May 5th, Cinco de Mayo, 2oo2

Philly Roofs---Caem, Cense, Curve,
Dero, Dsr, Gues, Kayos, Meow,
Savior, Sloe, Case--Geist--Kem--
Speed--Curve, Sloe--Nyce

April 28th, 2oo2

Ohio Piecees---Anon, Die, Esk, Hot,
Jek, Keas, Mer, Nerd, Wand

Ohio Bombs---Arel, Die, Kese

April 21st, 2oo2

Kentucky Bombs---Aktr, ASP, Cane,
Cosone, Dyne, Even, Jpeg, Rear, TA,
Ucdat, Vows, Able--Rear, Amor--Ucdat

April 14th, 2oo2

Arizona Pieces---Ekose, Nervs, Zevse,
Zokes, Equis--Posh--Wesk--Spie--
Ekose--Woew, Zokes--Ekose,

April 7th, 2oo2

Philly Bombs---Agua, Caem, Cense,
Kemos, Lyes, Memo, Nyce, Sloe,
Step, Tone, Agua--Sloe--Nyce,
Ame--Gage--Ast, Dsr--Tone--Speed,

March 31st, 2oo2

Freights---Bugs, Deny, Each, Entor,
Five, Game, Hist, Kotah, Merc, Nace,
Nome, Page, Rime, Tre, Typoe, Hab,
Muse--Met, Resp--Hiest, Typoe--Freak

March 24th, 2oo2

Ohio Bombs---Aktr, Coup, Dyner,
Havok, Pour, When, Dis--Phuze,
Fuck Authority

March 17th, 2oo2

Philly Hands---Agua, Aufer, Cement,
Curve, Ename, Nope, Peka, Speed,

March 7th, 2oo2

Arizona Handstyles---Dayz, HBM,
INC, Rank, Bugs--Deny

Links---I added some new links
that are dope, enjoy.

March 3rd, 2oo2

Ohio Pieces---Dose, Jaser, Kern,
Merz, Rime, Rinso, Ropas, Sage,
Speed, Verbs, When,

February 24th, 2oo2

Freights---Chip, Coup, Kaper, Lemon,
Luster, Nerv, Newa, Ohms, Skan53,
Twister, Caza--Newa, Deny--Rots,
Deny--Vegy, Fem--Gas, Newa--Civik

February 17th, 2oo2

Philly Bombs---Dasar, SPeed,

Philly Hands---Creep, Dasar,
Nise, Past, Satan, Unome

February 9th, 2oo2

Arizona Pieces---Con Crue, Mac,
Siloette, Topek, Lower--Jar,

Arizona Bombs---Daer, Equis, NG,
Rank, Vomet

February 3rd, 2oo2

Pennsylvania Pieces---Jesc,
Kes, Past, Pose, Soe

January 27th, 2oo2

Freights---Agile, Eatfuk, Elvis,
Harsh, Menes, Nise, Onorok,
Page, Pen, Zeus, Vegy--Deny

January 21th, 2oo2

Philly Handstyles---Braze, Caem
Dasar, Jesc, Kem, Mao, Omne,
Speed, Cypher--Cense, Fanta--Dsr,

January 16th, 2oo2

Interviews---Each, Pesa

January 12th, 2oo2

Arizona roofs---King, Pa crew,

Philly Roofs---Hesh, Met,

January 10th, 2002

Street Handstyles---Daer, PA,
Rype, Vegy, Gnes--Gum

Train Handstyles---Dmj, Onorock,
Ropas, Rots, Torch, Deny--Typoe

January 8th, 2oo2

updates comin soon, I have
been mad sick and not at
silentwrytes studios......

December 23rd, 2oo1

Freights---Ahcer, Caza, Civik,
Geso, Kem, Mazer, Nace, Newa,
Pasa, Pose, Sase, Veks, Vizie,
Ahcer--Polow, Astro--Ahcer,
Astro--Ahcer--Zes, Caza--Newa,
Gum--Gnes--Opim, Newa--Chip,
Newa--Pose--Vizie, Newa--Vizie,

December 21st, 2oo1

Arizona Bombs---Agile, CG,
INC, Notz -- Ferst, Runz2

next update will be 30 fr8s

December 6th, 2oo1

Pennsylvania Bombs---Agua, Caem,
Cense, Curve, Cycle, Exam, Goal,
Kemos, Kmack, Nise, Nope, Scan,
Uyels, Cread--Speed, Tone--Hase--Peka

Arizona Pieces---Adge, Bisk,
Serc, Topek, Wake,

November 20th, 2oo1

Arizona Bombs---NG, Pro2, Rank,
Vegy, Vomet, Hist--Page,
Pro2--Yers--Fool, Ynot--Rank

November 15th, 2oo1

Arizona Handstyles--
Bore, Pest, Rank, Rype, Satan,
Venk, Pez -- Rawb

November 10th, 2oo1


Coup -- Vegy

November 6th, 2oo1

Philly Handstyles---Akae, Alive, Amen,
Braze, Dasar, Dead, Dero, Fanta, Verse,
Mao, Dasar--Alive, Dead--Syzer--Kemos--
Fanta--Kayos--Alive--Taim--Akae, Fanta--
Dasar, Nope--Barb--Agua

Onctober 31st, 2oo1 Happy Halloween!

Freights---Coup, Deny, Grizm, Jolt,
Page, Metroe, Resp, Rype, Skaip,
Wait, When, AGS -- Peco, Dash -- Jolt,
Page -- Hist, Page -- Gevy, Rype -- Deny,
Page -- Vegy -- Rots -- Deny -- Serk -- Hist

October 25th, 2oo1

Sketches---Deny, Gage, Each2,
Jerm, Kare, Opim, Pro 2, Reks

October 14th, 2oo1

OHIO BOMBS---Aura, Coup, Devious,
Five, Grey, Ment, Merz, Phuze, Ropas,
Seone, Setup, Shive, Speed, Cern--Five,
Coup--Erbn, Fuck--Friend--Camp, Malt--
Fosik, Sace--Aroe--Eski--Merz--Coup

October 7th, 2oo1

Wisconsin Pieces--- Each, Evak,
Hybrid, Fenom, IPC, Tabs, Vers,
Aclept--Each--Tabs, Evak--Tabs--Soli

October 2nd, 2oo1

Freights---Bruiser, Each, Era, Gum,
Jasper, Jerc, Myth, Satan, Snare,
Jzoe--Warp--Kick--Noer, Swel--Satan

September 28th, 2oo1

Philly Roofs---Esteme, Hase, Sloe
Philly Pieces---Bent, Dasar, Den,
Kayos, Lexus, Pose, Sew, T-Kid

September 26, 2oo1

Philly Bombs---Ame, Ced, Emse,
Kes, Naw, Ton, Dasar--Speed

September 21, 2oo1

Germs interview

September 18th, 2oo1

Arizona pieces---Opim3, Soer, Swel

September 15th, 2oo1

Freights---Adept, Desa, Eros, Germs,
Gum, Hasa, Opium, Vegy
Pennsylvania Street Streaks---Barb
Arizona Street Streaks---Pest

September 13th, 2oo1

Pennsylvania Pieces:
Dan, Dasar, Jesc, Kes, Past,
Slave, Spel, Taim

September 12, 2oo1

The United States is being put to
the test.. What will we do...?????

September 9th, 2oo1

Arizona Bombs---Germs, Vegy
Arizona Pieces---Germs,
Opium3, Swel

September 6th, 2001

Pennsylvania Pieces: Agua, Bebe, Caem,
Cense, Dan, Enem

September 3rd, 2oo1

the forum is in effect!
register your ass......

September 1st, 2oo1

Philly Bombs---Cab, Caem, Cypher, Dasar,
Dmj, Dmyz, Enkae, Kem, Pheds, Pow, Speed,
Curve w/ Pow
Philly Roofs---Curve, Giant, Pow, Speed
Philly Pieces---Base, Dasar, Past
Street Streaks---Cypher, Dmj, Planet Rock,
Soul, Step, Dmj w/ Akae
---New Who is it----

August 30, 2oo1

New Porn

August 28, 2oo1

Arizona pieces--- Fuse, Selk
Dome--Lower--Egoe, Soer--Fuse

August 26, 2001

Sketches---Are, Cab, Kare, Reks,
Rype, Vast, Wait

August 22nd, 2oo1

Arizona bombs---Deny
Arizona roofs---Tumer, Wait and Dis
Arizona pieces---Arys, Biter, Deny, Jelts,
Koed, Skill, Steam, Wake, Ower/Fyce
Freights---Brez, Deny, Gnes, Wait,

August 20th, 2oo1

Interviews by:
And, Deny, Erie, Gnes.....

August 9th, 2oo1

Arizona bombs---Pez, Rawb, Vomet
Freights---Akroe, Chatski, Kahn, Repel,
Sever, Wake, Caes--Amen, Jaber--Kaput,
Mac--Farm, Swek--FTL, Vomet--Rawb,
Klaz?, and a castle......
Arizona pieces---Roks and Fuse

July 28th, 2oo1

Pennsylvania Bombs---Akae, Rype
Pennsylvania pieces---Akae, Gage, Self
Street Streaks---Akae, Apel, Arms, Dis,
Ikon, NG, Pez, Rawb, Repel, Theory,
Topec, Venk, Vomet, And--Bore, Belk--
Ser, Bore--Notz, Daer--Bore, Kaper--Mac

July 21th, 2oo1

AZ bombs---deny--rots, page, topek
AZ roofs---page, rots--deny, pa crew
AZ pieces---deny, files, fyce

July 17th, 2oo1

AZ bombs---Roks, Swel, Roks--Fuse
AZ pieces---Fuse, Kape, Mac, Repel,
Roks, Soer, Such

Friday the 13th, 2oo1

Freights---Abhor, Apart, CBS, Chevy,
Duez, Each, Fear, Fuse, Kady, Kyro,
Lefare, Pays, Pez, Sukas Know,
Swek, Verb, Vows, Wisk....
all new fr8s are indicated with **

July 2nd, 2oo1

AZ bombs---Gnes
AZ roofs---Bysk and Topec
Fr8s---Denz, Topec, and Vizy
Wisconsin pieces---Each and Evak
blackbook---Denz and Gnes

June 26th, 2oo1

AZ bombs---agile, dec, eyfol, gnes,
gum, soce, topec, tumer
AZ roofs---dis, tumer, & wait
AZ piece---agile
peep the new link, he got mad flicks

June 2oth, 2oo1

blackbooks---mark and wait
philly roofs---curve and gozila
philly streaks---werld
philly piece---props
philly bombs---bose, devine, dork,
kem, and rype
and of course, new porn in!!

June 17th, 2oo1

fr8s---topec, wait, dayz
philly piece---akae, smut
street streaks---cement

June 12th, 2oo1

piece---Each in wisconsin
roofs---PA crew
fr8---Crispo, Each, Geso, Jones,
Nicer, Porn, and Prae
over seas---Again, Das, Dem, Echo,
Nyse, Puml, Sel, and Ske

June 10th, 2oo1

Street Streaks: Akae
Blackbook: Akae and Clue
Philly Pieces: Akae and Rype

June 6th, 2oo1

updates coming soon,
up yours Kobe, you had 6
commercials that game,
and barely scored 6 points

June 4rd, 2oo1 GO SIXERS!

az Bombs: gnes and MTK crew
Fr8s: mber and boxstars crew
az pieces: anime, fuse, roks, soer
philly piece: rype

June 1st, 2oo1

2 new Street streaks...
Swel & AND
2 new Philly bombs.....
Cab and Rype


fuck the bucks!

May 30th, 2oo1

Audios finally workin.....
jayk and rewd, more to come
god damnit sixers, you better
fuckin win tonight!!!!!!!

May 28, 2oo1

shit took forever, I was wrapped
up in all kinds of shiznit......
8 new fr8's in: Big5, Else, Fuct,
Metro, Nace, Necro, Pisto,
Rype, and a Rype piece too.

May 16th, 2oo1

I am on my way to another state.
New over seas flicks in: Bash,
Ges, Naomi, Swa, and Templ

May 13th, 2oo1

New Fr8s: hence, deny, topec,
ill-phonix --- new Gnes piece ---
New streaks: foes, swel, moser

May 10th, 2oo1

New bombs:
Moe, Anime198, and Bogus
new pieces comin soon!

May 9th, 2oo1

New layout....
peep the amsterdam
pics thanks to AKAE

May 7th, 2oo1

Germ and Venk
you see what i see

May 6th, 2oo1

New bombs: sunc, rawb.....
new legals: bore and gnes
more comin soon

May 4th, 2oo1

waiting for dinero so I can
develope the latest roll
it will be anyday now....

May 1st, 2oo1

Bombs: Aser and Vomet!
New blackbooks by clue...
Read the next page!

April 30th, 2001

New Outta States from King157.
I would like to have interviews,
so if anyone is down, hit me up.

April 28th, 2001

New streaks and fr8s in: cycle,
jar, nerv, twist, rots, king 157,
posh, apel, jelts, learn, adge,
kaper, repel, and fyce.....enjoy

April 26th, 2001

new legals in: fyce, equis, gum
gnes, opim 3, rok, ideas crew,
moser, egoe, and more....
streaks and fr8's comin soon!

April 25th, 2001

I got a new guestbook....
sign that shit.......

April 24th, 2001

new roofs by: pa crew, Daer,
Swel, glk crew, files and mac

April 22nd, 2001

12 new bombs in: moser, jar,
topec, ynot, daer, fuct, fuse,
rawb, vomet, and Kaper.....

April 20th, 2001

12 new fr8's in: vomet, equis,
newa, ems, tits cru, anime,
mose, rots, tlok, kape, harsh,
strut, 21rak, & more. Bombs
& roofs coming soon, suckas know!

April 18th, 2001

Legals by: Glk cru, Clue2, Gnes,
Moser, Ideas cru, mac, Emt &
fr8's coming soon.

April 17th, 2001

New audio by blaze*ROCK....(this is when i used to have audios on my site)

April 15th, 2001

7 new streaks, 7 new legals,
3 new outta states by Duo...
Peep the chatroom mondays
at 9 p.m. * its in the guestbook.

Friday the 13th beware

8 new philly flics in and 7 new
bombs: deny, ynot, ser, cycle,
fuse, dome, vomet & Pez

April 12, 2001

a roo daddy freestyle freshy...

April 11, 2001

18 new fr8's: ges, soe, onorok,
equis, mber, jaber, daer, kape,
bus, 21rak, cosoe, emer, dyar,
twist, lis, lords crew, and more

April 10, 2001

peep the blaze rock audio.....

April 6, 2001

Check out the JayK audio clip....
that shit makes me bug out!

April 3, 2001

Repel, Pa crew, Fyce, Pubes & Sew

April 2, 2001

Every room is updated:
Gnes, Vomet, Rawb, Equis, Axiom,
Fyce, Pane, Kape, Sope, Evade,
Twist, KR, CBS crew, Helm & Nace

March 31, 2001

Moser, 21Rak, Mac, The, Gnes, Neo,
and more coming this Tuesday.........

March 30, 2001

updates come when i get the loot
to develope 17 rolls of film...>