-- When was Silentwrytes.com started?
Silentwrytes was started in 2000 simply as a place for me to store all my pictures.

-- Why was Silentwrytes not updating pictures for the last month and a half?
Johnny Shellshock and I worked non-stop to change the look of the entire site. I had over 4,000 files to change while he designed the new look and logo.

-- What happened to the forum?
It got hacked into.

-- Is there ever gonna be a forum again?
I am going to look into a forum with better security. We will see what happens.

-- Now that the site is back up, are the updates going to continue?
hell yeah....thats what the site is all about.

-- How often is the site updated?
I try to update about once every 10 days or so.

-- Does silentwrytes write.....am I a graffiti arist?
No, I simply document what I see.

-- Can I send you pictures of my graff?
If your located in one of the states listed, sure, why not. Send me an e-mail.

-- How long will it take until my pictures get updated?
It all depends on what section I am updating and how many pics I have for that section.

-- How many pictures are on Silentwrytes?
Roughly 2,000 and growing...

-- Who takes all the pictures? How do you have so many states?
I take most of the pictures. Other photos were contributed by the artists, fr8 spotters, and bus riders in their respective states.